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Key Current Equality Legislation - Consortium...

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Key Current Equality Legislation - Consortium...

AS3 Equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to learners, the workforce and the community ... AK6.1 Relevant statutory requirements and codes of practice.


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Care certificate training Standard 4- Equality and...

Explain how practices that support equality and inclusion reduce the likelihood of ... List which legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and ...


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The duty to promote disability equality: Statutory...

This new duty was introduced in the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and will ... promote equality of opportunity between disabled persons and other persons ... Nor do they enjoy equal respect or full inclusion in society on an equal basis. ..... Separate Codes covering other aspects of the Act, and guidance relating to the ...


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Disability legislation: practical guidance for ......

Some of the equality issues and examples of inclusive practice in a learning ... Higher Education Academy: inclusion@heacademy.ac.uk (inclusive learning and teaching) .... The position relating to disability-related discrimination changed following a ..... diversity briefing for staff involved in validations, including legislative ...


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Unit 01 Principles of communication in adult...

Unit 03 Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings ..... legislation and codes of practice relating to diversity, equality, inclusion and ...


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This Unit is about promoting equality and valuing the diversity of people. ... Criterion 1, legislation, employment regulations and policies, and codes of practice will include: .... be given to the inclusion of any anonymised personal records in your Portfolio. ... 4 How inequality and discrimination affects individuals, groups and ...


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Equality Act 2010 for schools 63kb

For schools, the Equality Act comes into force in October 2010. ... Former pupils are also protected from discrimination or harassment. ... There are also some exceptions that relate to particular protected characteristics: ... changing your provisions, criteria or practices;; making changes to overcome barriers created by the ...


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For further details please see Appendix 1-Laws relating to this policy. 2. ...... The Disability Discrimination Code of Practice (Services, Public Functions, Private ...


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Equality and diversity policy - Little Learners

The setting accepts its duty to try to eliminate discrimination and to promote equality ... and development in partnership with parents/carers and other relevant parties. ... and comply with the current Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs, the ... practice, promoting equality and valuing diversity; and; make inclusion a ...


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Assessment Principles - Nottingham Music Hub

Equality, diversity and inclusion in music education. 6. ..... 1.3 Explain how current legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity, inclusion and ...


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Download - Skill: National Bureau for Students...

Part 2 of the Disability Discrimination Act – Employment .... This guidance focuses on implementing all relevant aspects of the DDA in colleges, universities ... to meet disabled people's legal rights to education, employment and inclusion. .... The definition in The Duty to Promote Disability Equality Code of Practice England ...


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Equality and Diversity Scheme 2013 - 2015 - Fife...

When Fife Council published its three year Equality and Diversity Scheme covering ... been set with the engagement of protected characteristics and/or evidence relating .... the Equality Act 2010 code of practice – the employment Statutory Code of ... and communities that value and encompass racial diversity and inclusion.


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What Leicestershire County Council Expects from...

Leicestershire is an ethnically and culturally diverse county, benefitting greatly from close ... These sit alongside other anti-discrimination legislation relating to age, sexual .... Do you observe the Commission for Racial Equality's Code of Practice in .... The Council has a standard Equality clause for inclusion in all contracts:.


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Equality & Diversity Policy.doc - Academy of...

... to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion; eliminating discrimination to all job ... (2) the Sex Discrimination Act 1975; (c) the Race Relations Act 1976; ... (12 ) any other relevant legislation in force from time to time relating to discrimination in .... ensure that our clients promote equality and diversity codes of practice to our ...


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Equality and Diversity Policy Statement (Word) -...

Equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination is a fundamental right .... the life chances of the individual and promoting social and economic inclusion. ... Our strategic targets include two relating specifically to disabled people with ... European Regulations and Directives; Codes of Practice, including on Equal Pay .


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Equality and Diversity Policy - Cardiff...

The Equality and Diversity policy underpins the Mission of Cardiff University and is integral to the ... Under Equality legislation it is unlawful to: ... actively to encourage non-discriminatory practices and to report any incidences of ... to collect and review data relevant to diversity and equality matters relating to students or ...


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2.8 Any discriminatory behaviour, including harassment or bullying by individuals or ... 4.5 The promotion of equality of opportunity, diversity and social inclusion is .... and emerging equality legislation and best practice and to identify relevant .... Include an explicit Race Equality statement in the Research Code of Practice ...


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Equality and diversity issues - Gov.uk

What are the equality and diversity issues that services for young people ... There is a strong legislative framework which protects individuals from discrimination .... Are there example of good practice which should be shared more widely?


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View policies and procedures. - 4Children

Inclusion: The Star Day Care Centre activities and services promote social justice and inclusion and tackle disadvantage. ... Equality and Diversity Policy (Make a positive contribution) page 6 ...... will familiarise themselves with all safety legislation, codes of practice and guidance relevant to their area of responsibility.


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workbook Roles responsibilities in Education and...

Range of legislation, eg awarding organisation requirements, government bodies . Organisational systems, eg codes of practice, equality and diversity, health and ... Promoting equality, eg non-discriminatory practice, support, setting ground ... impairment, physical disability, language, ground rules, inclusion, role model.


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