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Class notes from April 14, 2011. This presents three different sample outlines for the Preliminary Research Report, using different research topics.

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HOT TOPICS: - Sacramento City College

Some subtopics are provided here as examples. For help in focusing your topic, see your instructor or one of the reference librarians. ... HOT TOPICS: ...

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Expository Writing: 4th Grade - Valdosta State...

Expository Writing: 4th Grade. ... Organizer completed & shows relationships between all topics and subtopics Organizer ... no details and/or examples given ...

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COMPARATIVE ESSAY OUTLINE TEMPLATE. INTRODUCTION. ... (Cite examples, quotes, and references; ... Sum up the subtopics.

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Outline: Autism Research Paper

Some students might have 7 interesting subtopics they want to discuss: ... Outline: Autism Research Paper Author: Nassau Boces Last modified by: Nassau Boces

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General Background: Compare/Contrast Strategy

Other Examples In real life? (commercials?) Features of a well-written compare/contrast paper (Rubric) Clearly introduces and names the two topics.

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Writing Research Papers - SourceForge

Collection of atricles on “Writing research papers” Distilled by Svetlin Nakov, 2002. There are ten steps involved in writing a research paper:

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Study Skills - University of Texas at San Antonio

Use analogies and examples you can relate to, connect them to the . BIG PICTURE. ... Make a rough outline; most lectures usually consist of topics and subtopics.

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Topic: ... You can chose any three you would like, but I recommend that you choose from the examples below. ... one for each one of your subtopics, ...

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Research Report : The 1920's & The Great Gatsby

Graphic organizer or outline has been started and includes some topics and subtopics. ... It provides 1-2 supporting details and/or examples.

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topics/subtopics, objectives, assignments, ... Examples of typical print and non-print materials for this course include the following: 1). 2). 3). 4).

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Research Report Project Plan (Writing a Research...

Research Report Writing Manual. ... expectations, and examples. ... Expand the topics, subtopics, and details from your outline.

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No details and/or examples are of average depth Information has little or nothing to do with the main ... logical relationships between all topics and subtopics.

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In Paragraph Essentials, Linda Wong provides a...

These topic sentences usually contain a phrase that introduce the subtopics (supporting examples) discussed in the paragraph. Some examples might be:

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BRAVE NEW WORLD research topics - Grayslake...

Introductory Research Topics. Despite being published in 1932, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is at times purposefully reliant on scientific concepts and terminology.

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Research Paper Outline

Extended Essay Outline Template. This is a sample template is for your Extended Essay with at least 3 main sub-topics (please feel free to add any subcategories under ...

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Types of Introductions: (Some work only for...

REAL WORLD EXAMPLES of using Organizational ... Organizational Strategy model as topic and sample of how subtopics organized. A)Organized by Time ...

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topics/subtopics, objectives, assignments, ... There should be at least two examples or types, and they should accomplish the following:

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Outline Rubric - Morris Hills Regional High School...

Order of topics and subtopics match, order is logical Always (4) / Sometimes (3/2) ... Outline Rubric Author: Rachel J. Mandel Last modified by: Mandel

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Career Research Paper Expectations

Ms. Foughner’s Career Research Paper Expectations Complete Content: You must include the following, but if you find more topics not listed below that pertain to ...

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Research Report : Reagan - Bush - Clinton

It includes several supporting details and/or examples. Information clearly relates to the main topic. ... logical relationships between all topics and subtopics.

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SAMPLE I-SEARCH PAPER - University of Michigan

Our librarian showed me how to use the “Browse Topics ... I found asthma listed as a search term with 111 subtopics. I narrowed my search ... SAMPLE I-SEARCH PAPER ...

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Pay attention to the course syllabus and be careful not to skip over topics/subtopics. ... the extensive use of examples will better prepare students for the exam.

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CLIP - Hamersly Library - Western Oregon...

CLIP’s grant ended in 2011, and the tutorials have not been updated since then. In September 2015, we lost access to the server hosting the CLIP tutorials. However ...

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Three sub topics. ... but can also choose from the examples below. ... Once you pick a topic then you can either follow the three subtopics chosen for you or you may ...

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Thesis – Subtopic – Detail - Prewriting Chart

Romeo and Juliet Final Essay Topics. ... you will take each body paragraph and describe a certain type of love using examples from the play. ... Thesis ...

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1950’s Poster Project - West Deptford Public...

1950’s Brochure Project (Project Grade) Individually, you will be creating a brochure on specific topics from the Post-WWII period and the 1950’s.

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Historical Figure/Event Research Speech Outline

EXAMPLES: "How to Make Vegetarian Chili." eHow. ... You may adjust the topic labels and the number of topics, subtopics and details as is necessary for YOUR information.

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Debate and Persuasive Essay with Ms

Students have found "Hot Topics and Issues" to be helpful ... Prepare a formal outline with the subtopics expressed in ... quotes or examples for use in preparing ...

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An Argumentative Essay On College Life

Create a thesis and subtopics as soon as possible and go over them with Chris or our ... What are listed below are some possible topics that . ... specific examples.

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Concepts are organized by sub-topics. ... Sequence within the subtopics makes sense. Conclusions & Recommendations. 3 Preliminary conclusions are made.

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Narrowing Down a Large Topic - Example

Narrowing Down a Large Topic - Example. Perform all research necessary to understand that one subtopic. Subtopics . M. Process for Selecting a Topic.

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GOAL: Compose a five paragraph paper which breaks down one of the themes or motifs of the novel, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. This paper is not a summary of the ...

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Outline of Biographical Research Paper

Outline of Biographical Research Paper ... You may have subtopics here, such as awards, job, and life. Title: Outline of Biographical Research Paper Author:

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Organizational Patterns for Speeches

Organizational Patterns for Speeches. ... Or you may have one main topic, such as 'Advertising Deception', which can be divided into three subtopics; ...

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Replace This Text With The Title Of Your Learning...

identify differences and similarities between women and African Americans during the Great Depression . ... and/or examples. ... between all topics and subtopics.

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2012 Structures Congress Topics and Subtopics. Bridge and Transportation Structures ... • Trial Design and Design Examples • Globalization • Project Delivery ...

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All of my subtopics are supported with examples, quotations, and references, and they are fully defined or described. Name. ... sub-topics to be discussed. BODY:

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Titanic Research and Powerpoint Presentation...

Titanic Research Guidelines. You will be given one of the following topics to research ... Break the subtopics down for the students as follows:

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Writing Workshop: Small Moments - Fair Haven...

Writing Workshop: Small Moments. ... Brainstorm “expert topicsand subtopics. Write information pages. Illustrate with diagrams/labels and pictures with captions.

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Long John Silver Character Sketch Rubric

Category 4 3 2 1 Graphic Organizer Graphic organizer or outline has been completed and shows clear, logical relationships between all topics and subtopics.

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Freshman Rhetoric - Northern Highlands

Provides a brief overview of the topics. Subtopics may be out of order. ... Include some examples of figurative language or interesting diction for EXTRA CREDIT!

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Thesis statements: - Clarkson University

The thesis statement constitutes the main point of your paper. ... subtopics, characteristics being compared/contrasted, ... Working Thesis Examples:

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MLA Research Papers: - Wikispaces

Topics, subtopics, details, etc. all ... Another important component in a MLA research paper is the use of parenthetical ... Listed above are examples of citations ...

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How to write an essay: - Ziggo

Otherwise make sure that you mention all the sub-topics. Don’t introduce new subtopics later. Main part: Explain your main subject using sub-topics and examples.

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Types of Introductions: (Some work only for...

ENG101: Models and Strategies for Organizing your paragraphs/subtopics. If you are a natural writer (you tend to organize in your head successfully) or told to free ...

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Research Report : Letter to FDR - Brigham Young...

What branches of government played a role in relocating and detaining Japanese citizens and immigrants ... topics and subtopics. ... examples from today's stations ...

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Writing Papers in Psychology

Writing Papers in Psychology. ... from the most general facts or ideas to the most specific details and examples. ... there should be 2 or more subtopics under any ...

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Satire Writing Assignment - Appoquinimink High...

... Organization Outline is organized in a manner that clearly indicates topics and subtopics. ... Riddled with instances of examples in columns “3” and “4 ...

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