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Vol. 3, No. 1 2010 - Oral Roberts Ministries

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The Great Subject of God's Word

Apr 24, 2010 ... The underlying and consistent theme therefore of every book in the Bible is ... God; the standard is the theme of the Messiah—the Christ our savior. ... I believe Oral Roberts' sermon, “The Fourth Man”, was originally given.

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spiritual warfare prayers - Word of Faith...

Jun 1, 1999 ... Oral Roberts University ... This book is firstly dedicated to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, at One with the Father and the ... And to each and every one of my disciples and students in the Word, whom the Lord Jesus Christ is ... The Bible speaks of praying in-the-Spirit (tongues) and praying with-the Spirit.

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jesus-centered bible - Parable Christian Stores

This Bible is an edition of the Holy Bible, New Living Translation. ..... every text in Scripture there is a road to the metropolis of the Scriptures, that is Christ.” ... plunge into a Jesus-centered life as you experience him in every book, from every ...

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Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today & Forever -...

We want to represent every church that stands for the Lord Jesus. We love .... out of this Book or add one anything to it, the same will taken his part out ..... Oral. Roberts is doing what God tells him to do. I'm doing what God tells me to do.

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The Whole Gospel, The Spirit and the Kingdom of ...

Mar 11, 2014 ... I want to thank the organizers of Christ at the Checkpoint and especially Jack ... new responsibilities at Oral Roberts University and despite a ... Mat 12:25 NIV Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, "Every ... Howard A. Snyder in his book Models of the Kingdom: Gospel, Culture and Mission in Biblical.

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b. 1918 - Oral Roberts University

Much like the prophet Samuel, from the womb Oral had the hand of God on his life .... by Oral Roberts (1967); God's Timetable for the End of Time (1969); Christ in Every. Book (1975); and Expect a Miracle: My Life and Ministry, Oral Roberts An ...

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If You Need Healing Do These Things By Oral...

In this book, you will learn that healing is more than physical. Healing is ... Oral Roberts ..... Everybody has faith, for God gives a measure of faith to every man.

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Television - Programs - Transcript - Interview 33...

Interview 33: "Roberta Potts on Oral Roberts and Faith" ... One of his daughters has written a fascinating book about him, his ministry ... Roberta Potts: Yes, and I think every afternoon he was prostrate on the floor as well before ... Dr. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and my interview of Oral Roberts' daughter.

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getting personal - International Faith Conference...

she showed Jesus in every book of the Bible. She had the teachings .... I triumph in Christ, I have great victory ..... I moved to Tulsa where I attended Oral Roberts.

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your spiritual weapons - World Compassion

This book and parts thereof may not ... casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts ... degree from ORU and formed a musical ..... Christ. If we want to see God move more powerfully, we are going to have to get involved in more ...

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The Seven Church Ages - William Branham Storehouse...

from which came forth the major ministries of the day such as Oral Roberts, TL Osborn and AA ... Bible readers know that at such a time, Jesus Christ promised to return to receive a .... books on that, around four hundred pages in each book.

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God's True Laws of Financial Prosperity By Rev....

Oral Roberts, who preached financial prosperity for decades said on TV a few years back that ... sermons that have been preached, and the millions of prosperity books that .... As God is prospering you, you need to set back each pay period some ..... financial prosperity as a part of the overall "Good News" of Christ's victory.

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does god still give revelation? - The Master's...

Charismatic Movement, prophecies such as those received by Oral Roberts, .... The experiences and the message are of utmost importance to the body of Christ. ... God's anointing will rest upon this book and minister to every person who ...

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God's Generals -

trenches for the greatest of all Generals, her Lord Jesus Christ. I appreciate the ... Dean of Graduate School of Theology, Oral Roberts University. Tulsa .... Roberts began to dig into every book he could find that had to do with a move of God.

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The Sufficiency of Christ - Grace to You

grace," that is the grace of God in Christ, "is sufficient for you." In Ephesians ... So, all of these Scriptures speak to the matter of the total sufficiency of Jesus Christ for every need, ..... Did you read in the paper yesterday about Oral Roberts? Did you ... And a guy up in Idaho wrote this entire book about all these angels doing.

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Free E-Book - Northwestern Theological Seminary

Dr. Sarkela, we are grateful for what God is doing in your life, and we rejoice at ... Oral Roberts ... to be found hidden within the pages of this very practical book. .... You should have at least a 20 minute quiet time every day, preferably twice a .... Perfect Man, our Lord Jesus Christ, and now we are one with the family of God.

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Contents - Communion with God Ministries

And you can do this every day as part of your morning devotions. ... The Bible calls this abiding in Christ (see John 15:4) ... book. During the week you can read the corresponding chapter for additional background and to deepen what you learn on the DVD. You ..... For instance, when Oral Roberts was asked, “How do I go.

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Rise to Seek Him - Leadership Empowerment...

Jul 8, 2004 ... vices and challenges every Christian faces. Yet, because I am doing one .... Education degree at Oral Roberts University, was eager to join me on the trip. ... Carmel Ministry, I had noticed a book called God's Generals by. Roberts Liardon in .... follow the example of Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1). “Therefore I.

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oral roberts special section - Tulsa World

Dec 20, 2009 ... 1918-2009. Oral Roberts lays hands on a man at a healing crusade. ... In his book, “The Charismatic Cen- .... people of every race around the world. Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, head of the Church of God in Christ, the.

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