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Process- oriented and product- oriented...

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Process- oriented and product- oriented...

In our study we compared a process-oriented and a product-oriented analysis of ... Other approaches for the assessment of performance skills seem to be necessary (Ruiz- ... For the comparison of the product- und process-based analysis we ...


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Process- Oriented and Quantitative Assessment ......

Outcome-based evaluation is a systematic way to determine if a program or project has ... Process-oriented assessment is concerned with the actual task performance rather than the output or product of the activity. Recent ... Students acting police officers in different fields interact with other participants acting police service.


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involved a long, stimulating process, culminating in this bound product. .... Attitudes to Traditional Tests versus Performance-based Assessment / 100 .... field of second language education would concur, the active, process-oriented assessment ... classroom level on student reactions to different types of assessrnent ...


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Formative and Summative Assessment

using different forms of assessment such as: pre-tests, observations, and ... performance. ... What to do next—the decision making step, is based on the evaluation. Types of ... instructional process, while learning is taking place, and while learning is ... Summative assessment is more product-oriented and assesses the final.


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versus product-or Running Head: PROCESS- VERSUS ...

Jun 22, 2004 ... Education: Product-oriented versus Process-oriented Worked Examples. Albert W. M. ... process from knowledge- to competency-based higher education ( Hoogveld et al., 2001). In .... In general, team design performance did not differ significantly ..... Intraclass correlations: uses in assessing rater reliability.


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Risk assessment for Product- Oriented and...

Companies might use different process and methods for the risk assessment. This paper focuses on two particular kinds of companies; Product-oriented.


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How to Assess Student Performance in Science ... -...

Performance-based Assessments. Observing Students ... with science teachers to develop performance assessments for a science cur- riculum reform ..... quality of a product, proposal, or .... Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between correlation and causality. 3. .... natural leader and very task oriented). The.


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Title: “Developing a process- oriented translation...

Title: “Developing a process-oriented translation test for assessing. English - Arabic basic ... Education. The proposed test is developed based on the process approach ... production, through the awareness of the relative merits of different ... translation, or the performance of the student/ translator, we need first to make clear ...


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Competency based education, competencies, learning...

CBE is an institutional process that moves education from focusing on what ... complex assessment, involving portfolios, experiential learning assessment ... students as they practice using and applying these competencies in different .... competency-based education: product-oriented vs. process-oriented worked examples.


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A Process- oriented Methodology for Evaluating the...

In order to illustrate the above mentioned process-oriented methodology to ... digital techniques such as CAD/CAM for the design and production of the ... impact of new technologies but none of these focus on assessing the impact on an entire ..... investigated based on the performance measures that have been included in ...


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Rubrics: An Authentic Assessment Tool for ... -...

process~oriented authentic assessment is a ... ics include computer graphic skills , sign desugn and production. sales and pricing strategies. ... observed that the difference between .... based. formative assessment as well .... students should be able to apply Performance Worked diligently to Needed some Caused confusion.


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Learning- oriented assessment: a technology- based...

This paper focuses on reconfiguring assessment processes so that they support a ... some of the principles of learning-oriented assessment within a module in a teacher education .... of assessment and the essence of good performance. ... continuously the quality of what is being produced during the act of production itself.


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The Impact of Business Process Orientation -...

Keywords: business process orientation, organizational performance, non- financial performance, business process ... tional or product oriented way. .... The selected model should facilitate either self assessment by a ... tages of process- based organizational structure, in comparison to functional one, are in economi-.


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Proficiency- Oriented Language Instruction and ...

different cultural and linguistic communities (National Standards for Foreign ... Despite emphasis through the 1980's and 90's on proficiency-oriented language ... rethinking of the curriculum, toward content-based, task-based language ...... prevalence of alternative measures and performance-based assessment (e.g.,.


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Process- oriented methodologies and information ...

This Annex is organized into two parts, on process-oriented and information gathering ... can help people to express their differences and solve their problems for win-win, ... interpreting sectoral performance indicators could be difficult. ..... Risk assessment is the term used to describe either a process or a product (of risk.

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Process Oriented Production Evaluation

Oct 14, 2013 ... Activity based costing enables a company to assess processes and calculate ... costs of different product variants within production support operations. ... and shows effects on key performance indicators of lean principles, like ...


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Towards an organisation-wide process- oriented...

Jan 19, 2011 ... from functional towards process-oriented organisational forms. .... employees [15] ; and performance-based or process- based payments ... product-line organisation structure [19,20] and a pro- cess-based .... The studies had to assess hospital redesign ... remaining articles described different aspects of the.


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A Process- Oriented Approach. - University of...

Assessing the Business Value of Geographic Information Systems: A Process- Oriented ... perceptual and objective measures of firm performance, and also test the ... Based on the process-oriented perspective, this research outlines a measurement ... However, certain benefits, such as visualization, differ from normal IS. A.


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Market Orientation and Aiternative Strategic...

of alternative strategic orientations that reflect different managerial priorities for the firm. The authors also ... have followed a production orientation, based on the belief that production .... the internal processes of that organization as related to mar- keting and ... tion-performance link when using a judgmental assessment.


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Model- based Product- Oriented Certification -...

this work we introduce a framework for model-based product-oriented certification founded on the ... programming languages for high-performance computing systems. .... Unlike invariants, goals can be defined differently at different moments of the ... The DO-178B offers a hazards analysis process to assess the risk level ...


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