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FIRST AID FOR CUB SCOUTS - Allegheny Highlands...

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FIRST AID FOR CUB SCOUTS - Allegheny Highlands...

FIRST AID FOR BOY SCOUTS Instructors: Vicky and Jeff Cunningham What is First Aid? Knowing exactly what to do first to help a person What you must do immediately ...

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BSA Troop 780First Aid Training - Boy Scout...

BSA Troop 780First Aid Training. Merit Badge ID #8 Requirement #1. Boy Scout Requirements (33215) Revised: July 2008. Written by: J McNamara. Tenderfoot - Second ...

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VENTURING FIRST AID - Us Scouting Service Project...

Boy Scouts of America - First Aid Merit Badge book American Red Cross ... First make sure that the victim is protected and has food and water at hand.

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BSA Astronomy Merit Badge

First Night. Intro to Astronomy Video. PPT Section 1. Proper Clothing, Safe Observing, First Aid. Light & Air Pollution. Tools of the Trade. Types of Telescopes

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BOY SCOUTS - Doubleknot

ROBOTICS Merit Badge Itinerary. ROBOTICS MERIT BADGE. PresentationFollow along with your workbooks. ... Safety – First Aid (cuts) If you get a foreign object in ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

For example, earning the First Aid merit badge is requirement #1 for the Emergency Preparedness merit badge. Is there a time limit, from start to finish, ...

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Project Name - Troop 505

Plan on earning first aid merit badge at summer camp this year if you do not already have it. ... Project Name Author: Zal Sarkari Created Date: 6/21/2003 12:20:53 PM

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Fishing Merit Badge 2012 - Scouting

Fly-Fishing Merit Badge 2013 Fish Caught (10) How do you release one fish unharmed? How did you clean and cook one fish? Credits The presentation slides and photos ...

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Merit Badge Counselor Orientation - Boy Scouts of...

This Presentation Will Cover. Scouting overview: mission, aims, and methods. Merit badge program role and benefits. Merit badge counselor qualifications

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The Requirements of Eagle - Us Scouting Service...

The Requirements of Eagle ... First Aid Citizenship in the ... the scout must choose which is required and which is optional in each category as a merit badge. The ...

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Radio Merit Badge -

Radio Merit Badge Radio Merit Badge Each scout must have their own answer sheet Each scout fills in their name and unit/troop number on each page of answer sheet.

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Emergency Preparedness - Troop339

First Aid (1) First Aid Merit Badge. Requirement for E-Prep Merit Badge. Review “First Aid First” section of E-Prep Booklet

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Shooting sports interest example: ` 1 [years] 2 +3 Ranger Award Venturing Silver Outdoor Bronze Venturing Gold [Complete Wilderness First Aid] [Complete Powder Horn ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Pulp and Paper Mathew Bradley Tyler ... class Merit Badges First class Brandon Beaudoin Marty ... McCormick Mike Moorehead First Aid Brandon Beaudoin Jude Haycraft ...

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Scout Jeopardy - Troop 344 Home

First Aid Tenderfoot. First Aid 2nd Class. Scouting Basics 1. Knots 2. Author: T. McKibben Created Date: 05/07/2003 04:55:30 Title: Scout Jeopardy Last modified by:

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... debate, forensics, literature club or hobby] [Serve as a Den leader or Den Chief] [Complete Standard First Aid] [BSA Emergency Preparedness] ...

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Motorboating merit badge. ... •Camping •First Aid •Indian Lore •Pioneering •Wilderness Survival •Geocaching. Evening Program. Monday •Open Climbing/Free ...

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The Life Cycle of Scouts - Cub Scout Pack 442...

Introduction to Scout/ Camping / First Aid skills. ... Environmental Science, Family Life, First Aid, Personal ... Troop Committee members, and Merit Badge Counselors.

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The original order of ranks - The NetCommish | Ask...

First Aid Athletics Lifesaving Personal Health Public Health First Aid Lifesaving But candidates have the option of earning what other merit badge instead of Lifesaving?

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Scouting Heritage - Troop 226 Home Page Walnut...

Scouting Heritage. Merit Badge. ... design the original Scout uniform and introduced the elements of the First Class Scout badge. ... A boy came to his aid and, ...

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Boy Scouts of America - Troop 1518

First Aid . Fish and Wildlife Management . Fishing . Fly Fishing . Forestry . ... Fill out Merit Badge Counselor Information form. Troop Budget. Checking Balance $ ...

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NAA Level 2 Instructor Course - Texas Archery

... Out #3 * Archery Equipment Recommended Equipment for 100 archers Recommended Equipment for Camp Merit Badge Work ... of first 3 fingers ...

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Types of communication. What could have been better. ... First Aid Medical Emergency Form: Who. ... CommunicationThe Most Valuable Merit Badge.

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45 Minutes to Eagle

First Aid. Personal Fitness. Family Life. Personal Management. ... merit badge. The total number of merit badges required for the Eagle rank will remain at 21.

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First Aid Merit Badge - Webs

Title: PowerPoint Presentation Subject: First Aid Skills Red Merit Author: Bob Triphahn Last modified by: Allison Family Document presentation format

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Personal Fitness

... flexibility, and muscular strength tests along with the body composition evaluation as described in the Personal Fitness merit badge pamphlet. ...

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Troop 389 Eagle Candidate Seminar

This presentation only serves to aid Eagle Candidates and his parents in preparing for the rank of Eagle. ... Merit Badges * 21 minimum.

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A typical slide show

Boy Scouts of AmericaNational Health and Safety Support CommitteeCAMP HEALTH . OFFICER TRAINING. Revised February 2013

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How to Meet Scouting Goals - Lake Minnetonka...

How to Meet Scouting Goals. ... Eight will enter a career that was learned through the merit badge system. ... Weather, Safety, First Aid.

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PowerPoint Presentation

Emergency Preparedness/Life saving Cycling/Hiking/Swimming A4 Requirement No. 3 Merit Badge List Six ... Swimming before Lifesaving First Aid before Emergency ...

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Anthony Wayne Area Council Boy Scouts of America

Scout Leader Merit Badge. ... Basic 1st aid, totin’ chip, map & compass, knots, ... Anthony Wayne Area Council Boy Scouts of America

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PowerPoint Presentation

(Eagle Scout / Wood Badge / Merit Badge ... Second Class or First Class ... including: ASM (fully trained) and two ASM/Parent (YPT). CPR/1st Aid recommended for ...

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Mataguay Scout Ranch 2012 Summer Camp -...

Title: Mataguay Scout Ranch 2012 Summer Camp Author: Jeremy Sewell Last modified by: Jerry Created Date: 5/4/2012 2:13:33 AM Document presentation format

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Many Point Scout Camp - Boy Scout Troop 283

First Aid* Hiking Nature ... Take one out to fish or practice your merit badge skills. Fishing - From the dock or pontoon boat, you're sure to find a spot where the ...

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LIFE AFTER LIFE - Council802

LIFE AFTER LIFE A Unit Leader’s ... STEP 6 Instead of sending the workbook, merit badge and rank cards, ... demonstrate first aid, etc.

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Eagle Scout Application Worksheet (information...

Eagle Scout Application Worksheets (information contained here intended to be transferred to and used with the Eagle Scout Application (BSA#58-728) )

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Outing in Scouting - Scouting in Tennessee

Activities included: swimming, athletics, first aid ... first black professional ... Activities include everything from Rifle Range to Basket-weaving Merit Badge.

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Annual Program Planning Training

Annual Program Planning * ... canoeing, climbing, fishing, First Aid, Citizenship ... Webelos Crossovers, Scout Sunday, Merit Badge opportunities, ...

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that Johnny learns first aid, but that ... they receive guidance and mentorship from volunteers serving as merit badge counselors.All are registered with the BSA ...

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Robots In Manufacturing - University of North...

Merit Badge Powerpoint ... Robotics and First Aid Basics First Aid: Minor cuts & scrapes: ... Robots In Manufacturing Author: Wayne Speranza Last modified by:

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I’ve got them, now how do I keep them?

Extravagant? Subdued? Reverent? Memorable? Long or short? Indoors or out? Food? It depends… What do the boys want? Form a new boy patrol Put your best older Scout ...

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Mecklenburg County Council Camping Policies The...

Elevation gain of 1,000 feet in the 6.5 miles from Boulders Access heading toward Crowder’s meets Camping Merit Badge requirement # 9 ... LIKE KNOTS, FIRST AID, ...

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Notes to the Presenter - Ventura County Council

Merit badge section reorganized and expanded . 6 ... The badge requires him to earn three activity ... as well as core Scouting skills like first aid and camping.

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Trail to Eagle

Trail to Eagle. Ventura. County Council. Council. Advancement Committee. Expiration Date. This presentation is not to be used after June 30, 2015. Obtain an updated ...

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Thank you for choosing to be a part of our merit badge program. This slideshow is to teach you or review for you the basics of chemistry, radiation, and some basic terms.

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... First Class Scout. ... Tours and Expeditions, merit badge pamphlets for camping, hiking, and other outdoor skills, etc. ... (First Aid, CPR, AED, ...

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PowerPoint Presentation - Disaster Preparedness

Use foods from your refrigerator first! ... PowerPoint Presentation - Disaster Preparedness Author: Stephen Fadem Last modified by: Stephen Fadem Created Date:

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Wilderness Survival Merit Badge - Troop 1022

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge April ... Leave Friday afternoon Requirement #1 Show that you know first aid for and how to prevent injuries or illnesses likely ...

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Create a name badge for someone else. ... Award of Merit. Distinction. Community LS. Life Support. ... Occupational First Aid. Asst Swim Teacher.

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