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Introduction to Integers - Pulickeel

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Introduction to Integers - Pulickeel

Introduction to Integers The Pluses and Minuses of Life Integers Defined… Integers are the set of whole numbers and their opposites Integers are positive and ...

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Chapter 2: Integers & Introduction to Solving...

Chapter 2: Integers & Introduction to Solving Equations Author: Martin-Gay Last modified by: Peggy M. Slavik Created Date: 1/22/1999 1:47:48 PM

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INTRODUCING INTEGERS Unit Essential Questions What are integers? When do we work with integers in the real world? How do we add and subtract integers?

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Add and Subtract Integers - Teachers.Henrico...

Objectives The student will be able to: 1. State the coordinate of a point on a number line. 2. Graph integers on a number line. 3. Add and subtract integers.

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PowerPoint Presentation

Integers & Absolute Value Integers & Absolute Value Objective: 7.1.02 Develop fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division or rational numbers.

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The Real Number System - Alabama Learning Exchange

The Real Number System The Real Number System The Real Number System The Real ... such as ½ and –3/1 that can be written as a ratio of two integers ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Integers & The Number Line ... Graphing on Number Lines A number can be graphed on a number line by placing a point at the appropriate position on the number line.

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Rational Numbers - Jefferson County

Examples of integers are 6 -12 0 186 -934 Integers are rational numbers because they can be written as fraction with 1 as the denominator. 17 * * Title:

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1.7 Solving Absolute Value Equations &...

1.7 Solving Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities p. 50 Absolute Value (of x) Symbol lxl The distance x is from 0 on the number line. Always positive Ex: l-3l=3 Ex ...

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Solving Two- Step Equations

Solving Two- Step Equations Lesson 4-4 Rules to ... Integer Rules to Remember Adding Integers Same sign= add and keep the sign Different sign = subtract and ...

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Properties of Addition - Mrs. McDavid's 3rd Grade...

Properties of Addition Lesson 1-4 Three Properties of Addition Commutative Associative Identity The Commutative Property Background The word commutative comes from ...

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Comparing and Ordering Integers (Tennessee...

Comparing & Ordering Integers * * * * * * * * * * Objective Content Objective: We will compare and order integers. We will communicate mathematical ideas using ...

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Negative Numbers (Primary Resources)

Negative Numbers What do you understand by this? Understanding Negative Numbers We think of numbers being on a number line: These numbers are all positive numbers ...

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6.1 Using Properties of Exponents - d Gelman

6.1 Using Properties of Exponents p. 323 Properties of Exponents a&b are real numbers, m&n are integers Product Property: am * an=am+n Power of a Power Property: (am ...

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Solving Multip Step Equations - PowerPoint...

SOLVING MULTI-STEP EQUATIONS March 1, 2006 Mr. Galilei ... Study Review Sheet Test Tomorrow!! Use Worksheets & Notes to review and practice for the test.

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Subtraction With Regrouping Powerpoint - Cape...

Subtraction with Regrouping-Mrs. Hicks 1. Look at the ones. Ask: “Can we take 3 away from 2?” 2. Regroup as needed. 3. Subtract the ones. 4.

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions - Math Journeys

Adding & Subtracting Fractions Teacher Notes: Use this presentation to teach the steps for adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

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Introduction to Algebra - PBworks

ONE STEP EQUATIONS Example 2 Solve y - 7 = -13 What is the variable? ... Introduction to Algebra Author: ESTACH Last modified by: Default Created Date:

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PowerPoint Presentation - Absolute Value

Arial Default Design PowerPoint Presentation Integer Operations Venn Diagram of Real Numbers Absolute Value Adding Integers Subtracting Integers Multiplying ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Author: rdillon Last modified by: ... It is not really the best way because it has to be graphed perfectly and some answers are not integers.

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions - Wikispaces

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Author: LHCA Last modified by: LHCA Created Date: 6/27/2008 12:07:24 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Company:

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Absolute Value -

This is like absolute value. It is the distance from zero. It doesn't matter whether we are in the positive direction or the negative direction, ...

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Solving Word Problems - Suffolk Public Schools

Solving Word Problems “Word Problems scare me!” “Word Problems make me nervous!” “Word Problems? I just skip them!” Don’t Worry!

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Writing Equations of Lines Starting in Point-Slope...

Writing Equations of Lines Starting with Point – Slope Form y – y1 = m (x – x1) Point – Slope Form Example #1 Example #2 Example #3 Other Forms of Linear ...

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Introduction to Fractions - Wikispaces

Introduction to Fractions By Graeme Henchel Index What is a fraction? Mixed Numbers method 1 Mixed Numbers method 2 Equivalent ...

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Combining Like Terms - Gwinnett County Public...

Combining Like Terms How to simplify Variable Expressions What are like terms? In fractions, like terms are those that have the same denominator.

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Rules for Scientific Notation. To be in proper scientific notation the number must be written with * a number between 1 and 10 * and multiplied by a power of

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Math Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Doubly for students with disabilities, ... Too rapid introduction of new concepts. ... (+9F) = x, apply the rule for adding integers, solve the problem ...

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Introduction to Set Theory - Statpower

Introduction to Set Theory James H. Steiger Sets Definition. A Set is any well defined collection of “objects.” Definition. The elements of a set are the objects ...

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Motion Word Problems - TCC: Tidewater Community...

Word Problems - Motion By Joe Joyner Math 04 Intermediate Algebra Link to Practice Problems In this module, you’ll continue to develop and work with mathematical ...

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Title: PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Ian Robertson Created Date: 1/1/1601 12:00:00 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Other titles

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Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Microsoft Excel Business Computer Applications What is it?: Spreadsheets Basics Spreadsheet is a computerized ledger Divided into Rows and Columns ...

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PLACE VALUE - Elaine Fitzgerald

PLACE VALUE Author: Compaq User Last modified by: Richard Fitzgerald Created Date: 4/29/2000 3:11:02 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Company: Compaq

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Decimals - Powerpoint Presentations for teachers

Mixed decimals are numbers with both whole numbers and decimals The name of a whole number is determined by the number of places to the left of the decimal point In ...

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Safety In the Science Lab

Lab Safety: Everyone Is Responsible! Safety In the Science Lab Rules and Symbols Mrs. Page Kennedy Middle School 2002-2003 Safety First Science is a hands-on ...

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Metric System Basics - University of Arizona

Metric System Basics Metric System The metric system is based on a base unit that corresponds to a certain kind of measurement Length = meter Volume = liter Weight ...

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Paragraph Construction Ppt. - CommNet

The paragraph is a series of sentences developing one topic. The Topic Sentence The topic of a paragraph is stated in one sentence. This is called the topic sentence.

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Whenever you are writing you should try to stay in the same tense all the way through. * * Title: PowerPoint Presentation Author: Jo Parkinson Last modified by:

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Squares and Square Roots - Wikispaces

Squares & Square Roots Perfect Squares Lesson 12 Square Number Also called a “perfect square” A number that is the square of a whole number Can be represented by ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Cell values can only be non-negative integers. ... The goal of restricting change is to reduce the inadvertent introduction of errors. ... columns, and worksheets.

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Fraction Jeopardy - Elaine Fitzgerald

Hosted by Ms. Vaughn 100 100 200 200 400 400 300 400 Equivalent Simplest Form Comparing Mixed Numbers 300 300 300 200 400 200 100 500 500 500 500 100 Row 1, ...

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Science Tools Powerpoint - Rice University

Science Tools Nature of Science Laboratory Instruments SCIENCE TOOLS To become a successful scientists, we must be able to identify and use scientific instruments or ...

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Genetic Algorithm Power Point Presentation

GENETIC ALGORITHM (GA) ... LOGIC-BASED SEARCH One approach that Turing identified is a search through the space of integers representing candidate computer programs.

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Light PowerPoint Presentation - bj's MST

Light and Sound In this unit: Properties of light Reflection Colours Refraction Properties of sound Hearing Part 1 – Properties of Light Light travels in straight ...

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Steps of the Scientific Method - Newport News...

The Scientific Method involves a series of steps that are used to investigate a natural occurrence. We shall take a closer look at these steps and the terminology you ...

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Fluency Worksheets / Sprints. ... we see that these things are true in the case of positive integers, ... PowerPoint Presentation

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: Big Levers for Promoting...

INTRODUCTION: DO WE TRULY WANT ... operations with negative and positive integers” WRITING: ... worksheets; posters; presentations; coats-of-arms; mobiles; movies; ...

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Easy worksheets on how to convert words into numbers. Lesson plans on both simple and complex addition and ... introduction to basic statistics is also included.

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high quality worksheets ... Students understand the rules for multiplication of integers and that multiplying the absolute ... Introduction to the table ...

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