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Quick Write – 10 minutes; Predict what you believe The Great Gatsby is about from hearing your ... Must be ½ page to 1 pages in length! ... Vocabulary List #1.

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Gab like Gatsby

Define the word “slang.” ... The very informal use of vocabulary and common expressions that are more playful and ... Now, let's look at some slang from the 1920's so we can better appreciate the time period in which The Great Gatsby is set.

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Vocabulary Workshop Level F - Accelerated 10 English ... Her eyes told me that more than a few well-chosen words would be needed to assuage her hurt ... The Great Gatsby tells a universal story without being marred by hackneyed prose.

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Time and sequence -

Vocabulary – connotation, words from the ... Revising The Great Gatsby – AO2 ... Meeting between Daisy and Gatsby delayed by 3 pages – builds reader's.

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CC Literacy Tasks for CTE - Blount County Schools

Step 2 – Read article for content and identify academic vocabulary, words with ... After reading The Great Gatsby and drawing from other works you've read this ...

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Compare/Contrast Essay Rough Draft -...

... space ENTIRE document; Proper heading– Last name and page number in header. ... (The Great Gatsby; F. Scott Fitzgerald, etc.) 4 ... 3) Refer to your vocabulary lists and employ words that will enrich the ... 4)Use words of compare/ contrast.

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RDA Basics. Pt. 1 - Yale University Library

Diacritics: transcribe if actually on the title page; otherwise, not required (1.7.4) ... RDA: there is no limit to the number of parallel titles that are transcribed ..... 336 ‡ a spoken word ‡2 rdacontent ..... 505 0_ ‡a The great Gatsby / F. Scott Fizgerald - - A farewell to arms / Ernest Hemingway -- Ethan Frome / Edith Wharton .

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Writing The College Essay - Swampscott High School

THE ESSAY GIVES US SOMETHING THE NUMBERS DON'T REVEAL.” ... Many students try to turn a 500-word essay into a complete autobiography; not surprisingly, they fail to answer the question; Make sure that every sentence .... This is not a vocabulary test. ... My favorite book is The Great Gatsby by Charles Dickens.

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Jeopardy v4.1 - haynes

You must hit the “Start Game” button on this page (it will make sure all the questions appear). ... When the question has been answered, click the word “ Back” in the lower right hand corner to bring yourself back to the main page ... Vocabulary ... The narrator of the Great Gatsby. ... What is “The Last Name and Page Number?

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PowerPoint - Skyline College

(3) Changing words but using the sentence structure of a source ... generally includes the author's last name and the page number in parenthesis after the quote (Garcia 21). ..... Gatsby experiences a moment of clarity while standing with Daisy on his dock. ... Compared to the great distance that had separated him from

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CCR3 EOC Review Game - Ashland Independent Schools

Vocabulary. Choose the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence. ... Match the vocabulary word to the definition. cognition .... (after The Great Gatsby).

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AP Exam Preparations - AP English IV

Once your essay is given a number from 9 to 1, the next set of calculations is completed. Here .... poetry: specific word choice definitions within context .... 1 page essays run the risk of getting nothing higher than a 3. ..... One essay on The Great Gatsby asserts that Gatsby's past leaves him “in love with the lifestyle of the rich.

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in other words, that is to say, to clarify, put another way ... Is non-fiction; Is approximately a page and a half long; May take between five and ten minutes to read .... Inference; Vocabulary in Context; Structure; Literary Terms .... The Great Gatsby.

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Presentation Plus!

(pages 610–612) ... This led to a need for large numbers of agricultural laborers for factory farms. .... How did F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby portray modern society? ..... Prohibition also expanded American vocabulary. ... It may have come from the word Chaz, the nickname of an early ragtime drummer named ...

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Book 3 Unit 8.ppt

The greatest fun in my life; The secret of fun; × is fun; If I had a billion yuan and .... flick through (sth) turn over the pages (of a book, etc) quickly, looking briefly at the .... to swear; to use words which show a lack of respect for God or religion ..... The Great Gatsby is commonly deemed (regard, consider) as the epitome of the ...

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