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Bibliografía. Brown, D. (2007), Teaching by Principles, Pearson Longman. Harmer, J. (2007). The Practice of English Language Teaching, Pearson- Longman.

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Grammar teaching in the ESL Classroom - University...

-The audiolingual method focuses on the comprehension of language at a ... According to Skehan, these activities often follow a “presentation, practice, ..... Harmer, Jeremy. (1998). How to teach English. Longman. Hinkel, E. & Fotos, S. ( 2002).

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Harmer, J. (2007). The practice of English language teaching. Fourth edition. Harlow: Longman. Luoma, S.( 2004). Assessing speaking. Cambridge: Cambridge ...

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Language practice (rather than learning). Fluency over accuracy. It is a low input- high output technique. (The presentation by the teacher is very short). ... Harmer, J. 1991. The Practice of English Language Teaching. London: Longman.

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Love your student passionately; Possess ideas and creativity on teaching; Possess sufficient knowledge of ... Teachers provide comprehensive input; Summarize at appropriate time. More STT (Student Talking Time). Practice using L2; Lead discussions ... Harmer, J. (1998). How to teach English. Essex, England: Longman.

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How to develop students' intelligences in English...

Language learners need to relax, feel at ease, develop self-confidence and self- esteem, ..... Do you make your students recite the rules or practice using .... Longman, 1992; D. Brown:Teaching by Principles, 外研社,2001; J. Harmer: How to ...

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